Interviewed by:  Laura Williams - Vinyl Lollipops  

EverFelt, Please list band members and instruments. 

Corey Robinson Lead Guitar

Jacob Crawford Rhythm Guitar

Jason Hensgen Bass Guitar

Stone Drummer/Producer

Adam Steglich Vocals/Lyrics

 Laura: What genre of music do you consider EverFelt to be?

Psychedelic Rock/Progressive Blues/Metal/Alternative

Laura: What’s the ultimate direction for your band?

To reach a large audience on the biggest of stages by doing what we love the most!

 Laura: How would you describe your music-making process? 

We allow the music to throw through us from various freestyle melodies and sounds that we later piece and together and write…. music is not ours, we are the music

 Laura: Why call the band EverFelt?” 

We want our listeners to forever remember and feel the power and energy of our music…to be forever felt…and we thought it was better than screaming donkeys…lol

Laura:  What should fans expect to experience at a show? 

An absolute joygasm that stimulates the mind and a live show that will completely blow you away!

Laura: Typical question here.  Who has influenced you the most via music?

Lemmy Killmeister

David Gilmore

Layne Staley



 Laura: How can fans and future fans locate, listen to and buy your music?

You can find us on all the streaming platforms with a live in the studio demo…we are currently finishing our first album Ascension…the best place to find everything EverFelt at Everfelt.net

 Laura: Is there anything else you would like your fans to know? 

We would like our fans to know that we honestly cannot do this without you and we hope to see all of you at every one of our shows….please feel free to reach out to us on Social Media and we hope to engage with you and get to know you as well.

Laura: What is coming up next for EverFelt?

We are finishing our first album called Ascension and will be releasing it sometime in July of this year. We have three shows coming up in the summer and fall…you can find all the details on our FB page or our website! We are looking to book more shows for 2023 and 2024 and we can travel as well! 

Thank you so much Laura! This has been truly great!


  *You’ll be in great company with: KIX, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Kittie, Tantric, Tony Dolan from Venom Inc, Smile Empty Soul, Every Mothers Nightmare, Raven, Saliva, Mike Skill from the Romantics, Madison VanDenberg from American Idol, Bobbie Jean Brown (Cherry Pie), and over 1K local bands from around the world.


MaM: Hey guys, thanks for chatting with me today. We really appreciate you. So, how did the name for the band come about?

Adam: Everfelt was created in memory of a friend of mine, whom I used to play music with, that passed away two years ago. He and I had a prior project called Angerfelt. [His] last name was Lingerfelt, and so that’s where Everfelt came from. I love the concept, too, of the music being forever felt in your mind and in your heart. That’s something you’ll remember no matter what. That was the original thought process behind Everfelt, but now it’s become something else between all of us. We want you to actually feel and experience the music.

Stone: One of the things that makes this band so successful, I think, is that each member … does what they do best, and we work very well together. We’re very open-minded with each other. We don’t hide or harbor any BS. We get it out in the open. We get it taken care of and we work together as a team, and this is the result of it.

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Surge FX; How did you meet and decide to make music together?

EverFelt; We met in the Summer of 2022 at the ManCave Studio for an impromptu jam session and I knew Stone from former days playing music and then I brought along Jacob our Rhythm Guitarist into the mix since adding Jason our Bass player to the mix we haven't looked back! Corey met Stone that same Summer and it truly has been magical in that studio ever since. 

Surge FX; What's the creative process like when you make a new song?

EverFelt; Since the beginning we have been able to almost effortlessly write new material. Sometimes we all freestyle a song and we record the whole practice and then go back and pick apart what we can use and we can't. Sometimes Jacob or Corey will come to practice with the idea of a song already written on guitar and then we will build from there. This has definitely been the easiest process with the writing because our musicians are so adaptable and talented